Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is an experience-oriented psychotherapy, where you deal with a problem you have in your life, here and now.

The word “gestalt” is German, and is used here to describe the phenomenon, that we as human beings, have a need to experience the things that we encounter as a whole – also called gestalts.

As a Gestalt therapist, it is not my role to give an analysis of what your problems are, but instead to support you and observe what happens to you, when you are dealing with the problems. Therefore, it is important for me to dissolve the barrier that may occur between “therapist” and “client”.

“Contact” is the keyword in Gestalt therapy. In addition to the contact between you and me, I attach particular importance to the contact to yourself.

Through therapy, we will work together to see your situation from different perspectives, allowing you the freedom of new choices about the way you want to move your life forward, along with the support to enable you to make that happen.

In my work I believe that it is important that what you say and do feel right in your body and this will be the focus or our therapeutic journeywork together.