About Dorthe

My name is Dorthe Iversen, I am 50 years old and I lived in England from 1989 to 2005.
I have two children who were born during our stay in England and were 9 and 11 years old when their father and I returned to Denmark.

After those 16 years in the UK during which time I worked in different roles including training for a hair product company and as a co-director of our own import export office returning to Denmark was like a whole new start with new rules and opportunity to build a new life.

Part of the new life was to begin my training as a Gestalt Therapist, which I carried out at Copenhagen Gestalt Institute starting 2008 and qualifying in 2012.

More about myself:
I am by nature curious and openhearted
I have a great interest in people and how they live and act.
I have a great desire for life and its challenges.
I see conflicts as a good starting point for development of both self and a relationship.
I work from an existential ethos and have no preconceptions about how a good life looks.

My starting point is the life that you wish for.

I believe that you have the resources needed in order to achieve your goal.

Today I offer therapy in beautiful rooms, in Charlottenlund. This provides a good base to work from, undisturbed, anonymous and private both for my clients and me.

I work with full confidentiality in accordance with the Danish Psychotherapist Association’s Code of Ethics.

I keep up to date with courses, lectures, and literature as well as and collaborate with colleagues – see further training here.