About Dorthe

My name is Dorthe Iversen, i was born in 1965 and I have lived in England from 1989 to 2005.
I am married to Ulrik and we have two children together. We are both danish and when we moved back to Denmark our children were 9 and 11 years old.

In England I worked as a co-director of our own import / export office and returning to Denmark was like a whole new start to life. We now had 2 children who needed to learn the danish way, and so did we.

Our life changed drastically, as I wanted to change career. I began training as a Gestalt Therapist and qualified in 2012.
After this I continued further education to become an SE therapist, and in 2023 I have started another further education, to become Imago couples therapist.

More about myself:
→ I am by nature curious, bodily and openhearted.
→ I have a great interest in people and how they live and act.
→ I have a great desire for life and its challenges.
→ I see conflicts as a good starting point for development of both self and a relationship.
→ I work from an existential ethos and have no preconceptions about how a good life looks.

My starting point in therapy is… 

I believe that we all have the resources needed to achieve our goals, it is about finding them and being open-minded. You will find that I challenge you very gently when we talk, as I believe therapy is not all about talking but also about feelings.

Today I offer therapy in beautiful rooms in Central Copenhagen. I believe that a cozy room with a good atmosphere provides a good base to work from, undisturbed, anonymously, and privately both for my clients and me.

I work with full confidentiality according to the Danish Psychotherapist Association’s Code of Ethics.

I keep up to date with courses, lectures, and literature as well as collaborate with colleagues – see further training here.